Execution Configuration


In the FPP Unit tests configuration and in the FPP Launch Configuration you have access to the Execution configuration.

Fig. 124: Execution configuration.

Fig. 124: Execution configuration.

Click Save or Run to save the modifications of the execution configurations.

All available options are described below:

  1. Log level: Logging level to use.
  2. Log categories: Log categories to active, you can use several categories by separating them with comma.
  3. Max loop iterations: The maximum number of loop iterations your scripts can do.
  4. Default array size: Default array size for non-precomputable array sizes.
  5. Complexity threshold: Complexity threshold that is going to enable layerism in your scripts.
  6. Enable assertions: Enable or not assertions in your scripts.
  7. Strict precomputation: If active, it will throw an error if one or several documents do not contain all required fields.
  8. Max date: Max usable date in your scripts.
  9. Selected device: You can choose between OpenCL CPU, Java CPU or Groovy CPU execution (CUDA GPU execution is also available but not in the free version).
  10. Maximum errors per document: Maximum errors to log per document.
  11. Slice size: Size of the slices.
  12. Max pack size: Amount of document that is going to be price in one pack.
  13. RNG seed: RNG seed.
  14. Trace buffer size: Size of the trace buffer used for the scriptsListBox logs.