Execute Debug Configuration

In this tutorial tutorial you will use the script configuration from Interest Rate Swap tutorial.

Set the breakpoints

To debug your script or module file your first need to set your breakpoints.

To set a breakpoint
  • Open your script or module file, and then click the line number.
Fig. 33: Set a breakpoint.

Fig. 33: Set a breakpoint.

Debug the code

To debug your code
  1. In Financial Model Builder, click Run on the Valuation Editor toolbar, and then select Run Configuration.
  2. In the FPP Launch Configuration window, select fpp-library_tutorial_IRS from the list of Scripts configurations.
  3. Click Debug. The execution stops at the breakpoint because the line of code is reached and there is no condition attached to it.
Fig. 34: Debug execution.

Fig. 34: Debug execution.


  • In the fig. 33, the breakpoint is created at line 18 of the tutorial_IRS.psl file. When a breakpoint is set, the line number is highlighted in grey.
  • You can create multiple breakpoints.
  • All breakpoints in the code are listed in the Debug console.
  • When you select Run in the FPP Launch Configuration window, the script or module code is executed ignoring the breakpoints. When you select Debug, the code is executed until the first breakpoint that satisfies the break condition is reached.
  • When debugging, the device is set to Groovy.