Understand the Debug Session

When a breakpoint is reached, the code line is highlighted in red. In the Debug console you get access to the Variables list and their current values at that moment of the execution so that you can analyse the behavior of the code at the breakpoint.

Fig. 37: Debug execution.

Fig. 37: Debug execution.

Variables Values

In a debug session, at a breakpoint, you will retrieve:

  • The local variables defined with the def statement.
  • The binding variable containing the remaining variables.
Fig. 38: Variables values.

Fig. 38: Variables values.

Navigate the Debug Session

To navigate in the Debug session
  • Click one of the following buttons, or use the associated keyboard shortcut:
    • Step Into - F7: allows you to go through each line of code. If the breakpoint is at a function definition, it allows you to step into it.
    • Step Over - F8: allow you to step over the current line. If the line contains a function, the function is executed and the result returned without debugging each line.
    • Step Out - Shift+F8: executes the rest of the current function and break when the function return is reached.
    • Resume - F9: proceed to the next breakpoint that satisfies the break condition. If none is encountered, the execution finishes and the result is displayed.
    • End debug session - Ctrl+F2: allows you to finish the execution and get the result displayed.
Fig. 39: The Debug Console buttons.

Fig. 39: The Debug Console buttons.