Valuation Editor

In this section, you will learn about the Valuation Editor

After the Valuation Editor starts successfully, it is displayed as in the fig. 96.

Fig. 96: The Valuation Editor.

Fig. 96: The Valuation Editor.

The Valuation Editor workspace is divided into the items numbered in the fig. 96, as follows:

No. Item Description
1 Menu bar Contains functions grouped in dropdown menus.
2 Toolbar Contains functions as shorcut icons such as to create files or directories and to manage the content of the clipboard.
3 Explorer Shown is the Project Explorer. The tab bar at the top provides access to the different explorers, such as the Commands Explorer and the Tests Explorer.
4 Log area Provides access to different logs and consoles, such as the Event Log, the Terminal, or the Debug console.
5 File editor This is the main item of the Valuation Editor. Here you write code in plain text or build workflows in a graphical user interface.
6 Command bar Allows you to define custom commands and monitor their execution.

In the Project Explorer (no. 3 in fig. 96) you navigate through the directories and files of your workspace.